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clear and calm pools of tremendous depth score Public Deposited
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    clear and calm pools of tremendous depth is a phrase in the park map of Yellowstone National Park describing the park’s signature hot springs. When visiting the springs, I was struck by the vivid turquoise color of the water and how deep these springs went down; seeing the surface triggered my imagination about what the channel looked deeper into the earth. This piece depicts submerging oneself into the clear blue spring and sinking down into the bottom, hundreds or thousands of feet down. Percussion instruments integrate freely from samples from hot springs, boiling water, mysterious, unidentified deep ocean sounds, and other found sounds from the park.

    Splash cymbals (2), vibraphone, indeterminate assortment of glass bottles, clay blocks,
    piccolo woodblocks, and cans, brake drums (2), bongos (2), congas (2), concert bass drum
    (with inverted suspended cymbal), beaded chain

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