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Lilygilding and Magnolias Public Deposited
  • The sculptural works for my thesis show represent what I wish to communicate to the viewer, a sense of humanity through recall of personal memory. 

    I began concentrating on perspective. In this thesis work I began trying to place literal meaning into an unrealistic setting, for instance, the naive quality in "Dream Flower" is established by placing forked brances along the back section of the piece. This evokes a naive sense of a backyard. In "Christmas in Savannah'' I place an up-side-down fence at the base in order to imply the fencing around a house. The idea is to force a large scale notion, such as a house into a more concise order. All of the pieces are symbols of my desire to capture everything of a given moment. 

    This thesis show represents a thorough review of the development of a current series of works. A progression has taken place through different mediums from clay to three dimensional narratives of mixed media. I feel positive about the direction of my work. A personal methodology has emerged based on an exploration of concepts, materials and techniques. The work has developed in a sound consistant manner and this evolution continues in ideas for new work.


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  • 1987-04-28
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  • 2022-01-03
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