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The Role of Queer Literacies in a University’s Required Diversity Course Public Deposited

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  • This research is a self-study of a university required diversity course taught with a queer literacies framework. My research examines student writing, class discussion, and course planning material for one section of a required diversity course at a 4-year university in the Mountain West. The research questions for this study are “What happens when a college instructor applies a queer literacy lens to the design and teaching of a required diversity course and its assignments?” And “How do students respond when written assignments in a college-level required diversity course take a queer literacies perspective?” The queer literacies framework for the course highlights performances as enacted by students and instructor, failure as a constant presence in the college classroom, the struggle to resist binary thinking, and the importance of viewing students on a spectrum of critical consciousness. Using this framework, the author first examines the course planning for the semester under study and the interruption of Covid-19. The author examines her values as presented to students, as well as approaches to resist the normative framings of those values. Then, the author identifies trends in student writing throughout the course, including literacy performances in students’ daily writing, the complicated nature of avoiding othering narratives, and how students bring their own experiences and identities to bear on course material. The author further breaks down these themes by closely examining two case study students, which helps her to see the ways that she pivots to support the learning of each individual student, as well as the sticky places in the course where learning does not come to an easy resolution. In conclusion, the author provides implications for research, theory, and practice, as well as discusses how the present research can help to fill the current gap in the literature around student writing and experiences in university required diversity courses.

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  • 2021-04-06
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