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  • American composer George Rochberg wrote Between Two Worlds for flute and piano in 1982. The composition was commissioned by Rochberg's friends, Lennie and Marvin Wolfgang and dedicated to the Wolgangs' daughter, Karen.
    Theodore Presser published the piece in 1983. Flutist Sue Ann Kahn and pianist Vladimir Sokoloff gave the premiere performance on August 19, 1983 at the National Flute Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The title of the work, Between Two Worlds, suggests a dichotomy or comparison of distant realms: fantastic versus real, past versus present, conscious versus subconscious, or internal versus external. Rochberg composed Between Two Worlds while living in Israel. In a letter to the author, he explains that he "felt intensely the vast apartness of the Middle East and home, the U.S." The title alludes to the disparities between the two cultures.

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