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Geology and Uranium Deposits of the Indian Creek Area, Gunnison and Saguache Counties, Colorado Public Deposited

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  • Uranium ore was discovered in the Indian Creek area, Gunnison and Saguache counties Colorado in the fall of 1955. The ore is associated with fold and fault structures in Paleozoic sediments and in fault fissures in Precambrian rocks near the Paleozoic rocks.

    Essentially flat, bedded type deposits in the Harding quartzite appear to be controlled by fold structures. Vein-type deposits in the area are associated with a large north-trending, east-dipping thrust fault and subsidiary faults related to the thrust

    An interpretation of spectrographic analyses of mineralized
    and unmineralized host rocks suggest a hydrothermal origin of the uranium deposits. The lack of commercial quantities of uranium in geologically similar mining districts near the Indian Creek area suggests that commercial uranium deposits occur around the fringes of base and precious metal mining districts rather than within
    the districts.

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  • 1958
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