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Evaluation of a Three-Dimensional Model for Slurry Storage Facilities Public Deposited

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  • In many mining operations large quantities of tailings in a slurry form are produced; disposing of these tailings frequently requires construction of tailings impoundment facilities (ponds). A pseudo three-dimensional model has been developed to simulate the deposition and consolidation of tailings for a given site geometry. This three dimensional model or tailings management tool (TMT) gives the tailings surface height vs. time, void ratio distributions vs. time and average dry unit weight vs. time - which aids in the design of the facilities. This thesis evaluates the model and serves as a user manual for the model. Additional features that have been added to the model are discussed. Also several potential problems with the model are discussed and possible solutions presented; areas of future model improvement are also discussed. Additionally, a parametric study has been conducted and the results will be presented.
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  • 2012
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