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Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposition for Efficient Capacitive Deionization, Plasma Corrosion Protection and Stable High-Energy Lithium Ion Batteries Public Deposited
  • Atomic layer deposition (ALD) is a technique to deposit thin films with great precision. Molecular layer deposition (MLD), developed as an analog of ALD, is a technique to deposit organic polymer or hybrid organic-inorganic thin films with great precision. ALD and MLD techniques have played a major role in advancing many fields, such as in semiconductor fabrication, sensors, energy production and energy storage. In this dissertation I describe three research projects in which ALD or MLD thin films were developed for applications in water desalination, energy storage and semiconductor fabrication. One project investigated an ultrathin polyamide coating developed for the silicon anode in lithium-ion batteries. The coating, deposited via spatial molecular layer deposition (MLD), enhanced the structural integrity of the anode and permitted stable electrochemical cycling. In the second project thin-film sodium manganese oxide (NMO) was used as an electrode coating in capacitive deionization (CDI). CDI is an emerging electrochemical desalination technology that shows promise but suffers from capacity and efficiency limitations. An NMO coating on the cathode within a CDI device improved desalination capacity and efficiency. The focus of the third project was the development of ALD YF₃ and YOₓFᵧ thin films with a tunable composition to be deployed as plasma corrosion barriers. These new ALD chemistries have distinct properties and may interact differently with different reactive plasmas. With the high level of control over the composition of these films, it may be possible to tailor a protective coating for the type of reactive plasma used in each unique plasma chamber. These three projects highlight the versatility and value of ALD and MLD thin films.

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  • 2019
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