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  • The nature of my work echoes associations largely drawn from my childhood. Opposing objects and/ or forms represent personal events that simultaneously present the possibility and impossibility of a relationship, or relative meaning. By working through these events, I am resolved, in the same manner as parentheses are used to enclose and highlight a word, a phrase, or a sentence that has been inserted into a passage, thereby enhancing the passage by way of giving significance to that which is enclosed through qualification or amplification. 

    As my work developed, I came to realize how important the concept of the self in my work was; I had to bring it (self) back, yet, less literally than in previous work. The piece DIVIDED HOME was the predecessor to my panels entitled, PARENTHETICAL SERIES. My constructed panels reduced the parenthetical elements from such images as houses, birds, and trees to monolithic solid forms. Here they incorporate both painting, in their decorated, flat, rectangular surfaces; and sculpture by way of emphasizing their exposed constructed process and non-painterly, solid presence. Consistent with the parenthetic theme, a division naturally came about with the material and I followed it. As I have been between many people and events in my life where the simultaneous need and impossibility of relationship exists, I now posit myself within my panels - eternally between.

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  • 1988-12-07
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