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  • In the late 80's I solidified my focus and produced artworks I believed were worthy of showing in a gallery. Communicating with Don was intermittent, and I was slightly intimidated by his position in the Vancouver art world. Don and Barry resurrected the Vancouver art scene bringing it to the prominence it enjoys today. Major changes in my life coincided with my focusing on art, and I felt on the verge of breaking into new levels expression. For me, Don's opinions and evaluations were a true test for my work.

    Formally, the artworks result from integrating several processes. Photographs scanned into a computer, manipulated and altered, are converted to lithographs and screen prints. Housing these images in metal 'vehicles' expands the notion of 'frame' and imbeds them into the vernacular of the primary material - metal, as a metaphor for AIDS. The results are industrialized versions of objects used in world religions: Iron books, Tibetan prayer cylinders, sixteenth century altar pieces, and metal angels.  



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  • 1995
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