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Slippage: An Interrogation of Memory and Myth through Movement Public Deposited

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  • Memory and myths help us locate ourselves. They are the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of the world, to create reality, and to foster resilience. The myths passed down through generations create a sense of family, of tribe, and of belonging. Memory is the mythology we tell ourselves time and again to mine inner truths - the home we create to locate ourselves in the wider world. What happens when these memories morph and fade, when shifting neural pathways reshape the inner landscapes of our physicality? As we forget, what do we remember? How does losing your history create space for rewritten histories? This project engages external research on memory loss and creation mythology in conversation with personal experience as it traces the construction of MFA dance concert, "when the honey turns to dust." It questions how chaos and destabilization can be both destructive and generative; it wonders how ballet relies on mythology, and what can be gained by disrupting its mythology. How do we explore how to disrupt our own mythology through movement, reshaping our perspectives?
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  • 2019
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  • 2019-11-18
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