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Effects of Water Conservation and Nutrient Source Reduction on Wastewater Treatment Facility Performance Public Deposited
  • As fresh water supplies continue to dwindle, many communities turn to water conservation measures. Water conservation is a low cost and simple way to combat the water supply deficit. This project used BioWin process modeling to evaluate the impacts of water conservation and nutrient source reduction on wastewater treatment facility performance. Several water conservation and nutrient source recovery scenarios were modeled using BioWin models of the Boulder, Longmont, and Metro wastewater treatment facilities. The modeling results suggest that water conservation may negatively impact wastewater effluent quality and that nutrient source recovery improves wastewater effluent quality. This project focused on the nitrogen and phosphorous effluent concentrations, due to the nationwide trend of more stringent effluent nitrogen and phosphorous concentration limits.
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  • 2017
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  • 2019-11-18
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