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Partsongs for Study: Franz Schubert’s Three-Voice Partsongs for the Music Theory Classroom Public Deposited

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  • Schubert’s three-voice partsongs provide valuable and useful new material for the undergraduate music theory classroom. These partsongs provide examples in simple, mostly homophonic textures for teachers to use as they introduce theory topics. They exemplify phrase structures and larger formal designs that are regularly taught, while also moving outside the standard definitions to provide discussion points for students to consider. The harmonic progressions are largely diatonic but also demonstrate Schubert’s particular style of Romantic chromaticism (e.g., with chromatic mediant relationships). They extend basic part-writing methods to a three-voice texture that is rarely discussed. Finally, the usefulness of these partsongs as exemplars for music theory concepts extends beyond analysis, providing students with the opportunity to immediately sing and experience the music they are analyzing. This document provides analyses supporting these arguments, and provides methodologies for how the partsongs might be applied in teaching music theory concepts.

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  • 2019-11-20
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  • 2020-01-13
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