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The Study of Modeled Atomtronic Barrier Potentials Through the Impedance Method Public Deposited
  • The general impedance method developed by Khondker [1] is applied to multiple barrier potentials to study the transmission behaviors of a single Gaussian barrier potential, double rectangular barrier potential, and a double Gaussian barrier potential. Using the impedance method we will find quantum mechanical transmission behaviors like resonant tunneling for the quasi bound-states of the double barrier potentials. The single Gaussian barrier potential is an approximation for the atomtronic battery and the double Gaussian barrier potential is an approximation for the atomtronic transistor. Thus far, the atomtronic work presented in reference [2] was done in the classical regime where thermal currents dominate. The work presented in this thesis analyzes the quantum mechanical characteristics, such as tunneling, to be incorporated and perhaps used to explore coherent transistor action.
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  • 2016
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  • 2019-11-17
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