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A Study of the Applicant's Perception of the Role Attributes of the Nursing Student and the Applicant's Perception of Self Public Deposited

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  • This study was conducted to answer the questions: (1) what is the nursing school applicant's perception of the role attributes of the nursing student? and (2) how does this perception differ from her concept of self in relation to the nursing student's role? Data were obtained through the construction and administration of a Likert-Thurstone type scale. Forty-two members of the faculties of four diploma schools of nursing, and twenty-five members of the faculty of one collegiate school of nursing served as judges in rating the items of the scale. Three hundred sixty nine high school senior girls in Colorado interested in nursing were subjects for the study. Analysis of data revealed that the applicants generally agreed with the experts on the role attributes of the nursing student. The data also indicated that the applicant's expectations of the nursing student were generally higher than her expectations of self.
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  • 1966
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