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Visualizing The Flow And Usage Of Curricular Components In An Online Curriculum Planning And Teaching Tool Public Deposited

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  • The Internet can be useful in supporting teacher planning and instruction. However, there is no way for teachers to know if they are progressing through the curriculum at an appropriate pace. The focus of this thesis is exploring the use of visualizations in aiding teacher planning and instruction. Visualizations were created using Processing, an open source programming language and environment. Data from the Curriculum Customization Service was used to display curricular flow. The visualization contains three layers representing the group's flow, the ideal flow, and an individual user's flow. These layers show the flow through the units of the curriculum. Another graph can be displayed by hovering over lines in the layered graph, which shows the most popular concepts among users. The visualizations were tested by asking five users to complete three tasks using the visualizations. All five users were able to complete the tasks though some had more difficulty than others, showing that while many improvements are needed, the visualizations do allow users to see their curricular flow and make comparisons.
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  • 2013
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