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The (Im)possible Public Deposited
  • What exactly are you talking about? Invaded my ear. I often, contradictorily, desire unity or total comprehension in my work. At the same time I am reminded of the complexities involved in communicating, and the gaps and silences I 'd have to live with in order to achieve this apparent unity.

    Despite attempts to create and enforce governing ideologies, I don't feel most of us really live that way. We piece together our stories and realities, from whatever we encounter. This cannot be solved by introducing a "master" framework in which to understand our experience, but by developing open ended partial descriptions of experience. Art must be more than a site of opinion for me, but a place where audiences can experience complex feelings, questions, doubt, hope, and maybe even laughter.


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  • 1994
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  • 2021-05-04
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