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  • He was the first boot I'd seen in two years. I didn't want to talk to him. They sent me to college. Uncle Sam picked up the
    bill. They sent me back to school, a Golden Opportunity my Dad said. It was my last chance. They paid the bills, they paid me; all I ·had to do was study--no other duties, no distractions. They washed me out. I failed. I didn't want to talk about it,
    didn't want to talk to him. But the kid was clean. Polite. He sat down. He didn't know. I saw myself. I liked him. It'.s not
    just a job; it's an adventure! I could see he still believed the commercials. He was clean. They would probably send him too.
    He didn't know. I would try not to let on.

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  • 1981-12-04
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