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Plata o Plomo Public Deposited
  • When Tre rolls through the L.A. gridlock on his motorcycle, a loaded gun in his hand, it’s business as usual scanning the license plates--another hatch on his hit-list and a few more bills in his pocket. The traffic may be the only thing we recognize about this Los Angeles. In the overgrown parks along the freeways, guerillas smoke joints, resting off their last bombing mission. Barefooted kids flit over dirt roads, from barrio to barrio, and spread the gossip like carrier pigeons. “Did you hear who the soldiers kidnapped last night?” And Tre has no way of knowing, as he cocks back the hammer, that the man behind the tinted window of this car is not just another target, it’s his father. The Los Angeles in Plata o Plomo is more like Medellín in Escobar’s days, than any L.A. we would ever hope to know
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  • 2010
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