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The Flora of Baca County, Colorado Public Deposited

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  • Baca County, the southeasternmost county of Colorado, ranges from 3500 feet to 5100 feet above sea level in the Arkansas and Cimarron drainage systems. It is a relatively smooth plain except for the mesa and canyon region of its southern and western parts. Annual precipitation averages 13.62 inches to 15.76 inches. Dry-land farming and grazing are practiced except when the region is converted into dune areas in dry years. A natural plains grassland vegetation, remaining in the sand arroyos, has been replaced on most of the cultivated northern part of the county by coarse, weedy species. The relatively undisturbed canyon region supports an apparently relict Rocky Mountain element typified by ponderosa pine. Sand dunes and hills along the Cimarron support a rich vegetation many species of which were not previously known to exist in Colorado. The flora has affinities to the Llano Estacado of Texas and the flora of the southwestern United States. An annotated check list of species is included in the paper. This report is a part of a comprehensive floristic survey of Colorado by counties.
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  • 1950
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