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  • The cinematic experience is a sort of ritualistic ceremony between the audience and the projected image. Audiences come into the cinematic space with a set intention (often simply the desire to be entertained) but the filmic experience can also inadvertently and deliberately access and engage other states of being including the liminal, the unconscious, and the sublime. Through both research and my filmmaking practice I am exploring ways in which cinema can be used as a tool to create meditative and introspective experiences for the audience. In this written paper I discuss my own intentions as a filmmaker, previous works, and my thesis project La Soga del Muerto’s attempt to use the medium of film to recreate a metaphysical search for understanding and purpose. I also explore works by other directors who have been influential to my own filmmaking practice such as Nathaniel Dorsky, Jordan Belson, Jeremy Blake and Oskar Fischinger and how their creation of transcendent filmic spaces has influenced my own thinking and research.
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  • 2019
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