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  • My artistic practice considers the nuances of human connection and discord. An ongoing interest in the contours of intimate spaces and relationships informs my use of photography, which often engages the medium’s complex relationships with text, performance, voyeurism, and absence to construct slippery narratives that allow for these intricacies of interaction to unfold and complicate themselves. Whether they appear within the fictional subplot of a movie or television show, the tenuous space between two dancers’ bodies, the meticulously documented archives of abandoned family slides, or the bedrooms and journals of men I do not know, the images they produce ultimately ask: What can we know about a person or an experience from looking at what it leaves behind? How does the presence of one thing negotiate and relate to the absence of another? And how can we learn to reconcile the fictions and frictions that emerge when we share our existence with others?
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  • 2017
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