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The Lottery Public Deposited
  • An undocumented immigrant wanders the Colorado wastes searching for her companions (whom we never meet). She’s been separated from them and has run out of the little money she had. After finally making it to Denver, she’s forced to panhandle, and someone gives her a lottery scratch-off card. Much to her elation, she wins $500 dollars, but she can’t cash it in because she has no ID/address, i.e. rights. After a chance encounter with an upscale professional, she approaches the woman to see if she’ll cash it for her, offering to split the prize. The woman seems to agree but then disappears, causing the immigrant to stalk her in search of answers. Those answers turn out to be hard to find as the closer she gets to the woman, the less concrete her reality appears to be.
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  • 2019
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  • 2019-11-18
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