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A Survey of Selected Early Twenty-First Century American Sonatas for Tenor Trombone and Piano Public Deposited
  • This dissertation analyzes ten selected American s onatas from the early twenty-first century for tenor trombone and piano. The ten works analyzed were selected from twenty pieces collected through an extensive search process of published and unpublished pieces. Selected for the study were sonatas by Kimberly Archer, Gary D. Belshaw, John Cheetham, Richard A. Crosby, Dan Forrest, Armand Russell, Steven Christopher Sacco, Bernard Wayne Sanders, James Stephenson, and John Stevens. Each work has an information sheet stating foundational information (composition date, meter, range, difficulty, etc.) about the piece and was analyzed in terms of compositional content (form, harmony, melody, rhythm, and texture) as well as pedagogical concerns. Conclusions drawn from this paper include analyzing the compositional trends and pedagogical requirements of the genre during this time-period.

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  • 2019
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