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  • I am fond of the interactive nature of landscape painting. I find that particularly when painting outdoors a conversation between the painting and the site emerges as the work progresses. I find this dialogue to be extremely important to the development of many aspects of the work-- such as color , scale, shapes of objects, and the application of paint.

    The inclusion of man-made elements within the landscape has been present in my work since moving to Colorado where such interaction is quite evident. Man’s influence is not meant to be seen as an intrusion thereby alluding to social commentary. Though much of our environment has been altered by nan this certainly does not represent any loss of visual interest. Further, the use of man-made elements begins to imply a narrative sense to the painting in that they present a set of humanistic circumstances that are familiar to us and to which we can more intimately relate than a natural landscape.


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  • 1980-05-23
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