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The Playful Heart: Examining Emotion and Imagination in Equity-Oriented Teaching and Learning Public Deposited

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  • The articles contained in this three-article dissertation collectively attend to the role of emotion in education, with a particular emphasis on the role of emotion in equity-oriented teaching and learning. In each article, I consider the way in which emotion is constituted, framed, and attended to in one of three areas of educational research and practice: the curricular domain of social emotional learning (SEL), in children's play about lived experiences and consequential issues, and in teacher education and professional development. Each location is situated at a point of tension between a real or perceived limit on the time and space afforded for authentic emotion to emerge and the desire to attend to it. In discussing these sites of discord, I consider how we can create space for emotion and emotional thought to emerge at both planned and unanticipated junctures, attending to the need to recognize the ways in which emotion constitutes learning.
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  • 2018
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