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Transgressing the Boundaries of Reception: Shirin Nezammafi and an Ekkyo Feminist Counterpublic Public Deposited

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  • This thesis utilizes Michael Warner's theory of counterpublics to engage with two novellas by Shirin Nezammafi, Salam and White Paper. I critically reconsider the use and reception of ekkyo bungaku ("border­-crossing" literature) in contemporary Japanese literary criticism. I intend to shift the critical framework of ekkyo literature away from strictly defined Westphalian nation-state identities, proposing instead a more nuanced view of ekkyo that engages with systemic and societal boundaries that exist beyond the context of national borders. I situate Shirin Nezammafi, Salam, and White Paper within this discourse, positing ways in which she both adheres to and complicates a narrowly defined vision of ekkyo that emerges from national boundaries.
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  • 2015
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  • 2019-11-17
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