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Patient Opinions - An Aftercare Mental Health Program and the Public Health Nurse Public Deposited
  • The problem studied for this thesis was: what are selected patients' opinions of selected concepts of interpersonal skills of the public health nurse. Rapport, acceptance, and support were three key concepts chosen for study. The method used was a descriptive survey. A Likert-type questionnaire was composed from the meanings of the three concepts. Twenty patients were seen in their homes by the writer in order to administer the questionnaire. All the subjects interviewed had been patients in the same state mental hospital and were participants in the aftercare mental health program. They live in five counties serviced by four public health nursing agencies. The findings demonstrated that patients' opinions were strongly favorable to the selected concepts of interpersonal skills of the public health nurse. Seventy per cent, or thirteen subjects, strongly agreed with each item pertaining to rapport, acceptance, and support. The results also showed that the majority of the patients were very pleased with the services rendered by the public health nurse. The study indicated that some patients who have been in a mental hospital are willing and able to participate in research projects. Many patients commented in a positive manner on having an opportunity to express their opinions. Some of the recommendations of the study are that more extensive studies relating to patients' opinions of nursing care are needed, public health nursing visits to the mentally ill should continue, and home visits to the mentally ill should be included in basic nursing programs.
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  • 1963
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  • 2019-11-14
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