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The Etched Mind Digital Stenopaic Imagery Public Deposited
  • In the spring of 1992 I found myself faced with the reality of not being able to afford supplies to make art. A faculty member, acquainted with my financial problem, suggested that I try doing some work using some outdated aerial film being stored in one of the photography department's closet. Not quite sure how I would go on, I nevertheless accepted his generous offer. What I did not realize at the time, is how that day would guide me on the road to self discovery and has a profound impact on the way I now make art.

    For the creative thesis, I have edited the work to 15 cactus prints. As I was making the images within the computer, there are many choices and creative decisions that have to be made. While I knew what pieces of appropriated images I wanted to work with, the placement of the images into the lensless photograph were done on an intuitive level. It was only after the particular image was finished could I go back and understand the reasoning behind it. "The Etched Mind" has not been about a rip in the space time continuum, or a parallel universe but a journey into the subconscious of my mind and a window to my soul.


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  • 1994-04-19
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