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Value Creation and Capture In Corporate Acquisitions: Essays On Inventor Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer Public Deposited
  • In knowledge-intensive industries, firms modify their boundaries to obtain knowledge and human assets. However, changing the boundaries of a firm often leads to disruptions and value destruction. In this dissertation, I study how changes to the boundaries of a firm affect the innovation process of the firm and its employees. In particular, I examine the factors that determine when acquisitions can lead to (1) the creation of new collaborative ties between employees and (2) the use and exploration of new knowledge. In the first two essays of this dissertation, I find that acquisitions can lead to collaboration under certain conditions. First, I find that the acquirer’s network cohesion has a negative effect on the creation of new collaborative ties. Second, I find that valuable acquired employees are less likely to engage in collaborations with employees from the acquiring firm. In the third essay, I find that acquisitions can help employees to explore new knowledge. Across three essays, I contribute to the strategic management literature by showing conditions under which firms can create value by modifying their boundaries.

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  • 2019-11-15
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