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  • The works in my thesis exhibition represent a chronological development and exploration of one concept over the past year and a half; the concept of facades or fronts and their relationships to adjacent planes. In conjunction with pursuing this concept, a new medium has also been utilized resulting in the simultaneous development of both mental and technical processes. Most of the jewelry designs have been governed by the concept being expressed, but in certain cases the medium allowed further manipulation of the facades and a broadening of the original perception. 


    From this phase I wanted to create pieces which did have an inside and outside, a definitive front and back, both relating information, but which did not necessarily have a logical relationship based on the information of the facade. It was also with this aspect of a facadel relationship that I became aware of how relative the concept was to human personalities. People all have similar facades in daily living which do not necessarily give correct information as to what lies deeper. When I designed these pieces I attempted to adhere to personalities familiar to me and to utilize a mixture of mediums (fabrics, thread, etc.) to create contrast and to create images relating to the personalities. In these works, the backs began to develop further to a point where they became a second facade, with just as much significance as the front. In most cases I did try to create a cue on the facade to indicate that the piece should be turned over, but whether the viewer does this is not imperative.

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  • 1979-05-11
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