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  • I view this showing of work produced within the past two years as a series of probings into “how” I paint. These paintings and drawings represent a search for a personal way of handling the subject matter that inspires me, objects from nature. I respond to such organic forms as sea shells, flowers, vegetable forms, butterfly wings, leaves, etc. My initial reaction is generally one of admiration followed by observation, I examine the object minutely, frequently turning it about and studying it from all possible angles. If possible, peer into its center, or interior, for therein lies the source of the object as well as its structural secrets. As I respond visually to the object, I respond perceptually and emotionally as well.

    I felt the subject matter had too much importance and dominated the abstract elements that were of great concern to me, I only seemed to be dealing with two elements in these works, image and background. That didn' t seem very profound or satisfactory and the paintings were too reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe, an artist whose work I obviously admire.


    As my work has progressed I feel that I have succeeded in arriving at a more personal as well as more interesting way of communicating my responses to natural form. I feel that a specific dialogue is occurring between me and my canvases.

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  • 1979-05-11
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