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A Study of Expressed Parental Learning Related to Accidental Poisoning in Young Children Public Deposited

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  • This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of parental learning which took place in the emergency room following accidental poisonings of young children. The specific aims of the study were to ascertain: (1) the impact, in terms of self-description of emotions felt, made upon the parent in the situation, and (2) the effectiveness of learning, through the experience in the emergency room, as expressed by parents. The descriptive survey method was chosen for the study and data were secured by an interview. A questionnaire, used as a guide during the interview, consisted of structured and open-end questions which followed the sequence of events in an accidental poisoning. Analysis of the data collected revealed that: (1) each parent experienced a strong emotional impact in each phase of the incident, and (2 ) learning, as expressed by parents, was in the form of a renewed awareness of the physical abilities of their children, a recognition of the need to alter the home environment, and the realization that more knowledge about the toxicity of common household products and first aid measures in care of an accident victim was needed. Recommendations were made and suggestions for further research were given as a result of the findings of this study.
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  • 1963
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  • 2019-11-14
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