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The Singing Voice During the First Two Years of Testosterone Therapy: Working with the Trans or Gender Queer Voice Public Deposited

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  • In order to better serve singers who identify as trans men or gender queer, voice teachers must understand the vocal effects of hormone replacement therapy, specifically that of testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy is the only type of hormone replacement therapy that permanently changes the voice and eventually results in a full octave drop or more of a person’s spoken fundamental frequency. Due to such a dramatic shift, the voice change process can be turbulent. This dissertation is designed to educate both cis gender voice teachers and trans and gender queer singers on the process of vocal change during the first two years of testosterone therapy because the most vocal change occurs within the first two years. In addition to information on what to expect during the first two years of testosterone therapy, this dissertation also discusses language surrounding trans issues, the effects of different types of chest binders on the singing voice and it evaluates each form of testosterone therapy in regard to their effect on the voice.

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  • 2018
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