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Collective Remittances as Mobile Policy: Institutionalization of Mexico’s 3x1 Program and the Evolution of Diaspora Development Public Deposited
  • In recent decades, origin country governments have shown increased interest in migration as remittances become central to less developed nations’ economies. Countries deploy a growing assortment of migration-and-development or diaspora policies designed to enroll migrants as benefactors and development actors, as well as (re)producing notions of an extended, extra-territorial nation in which migrants are re-inscribed as members. I examine the confluence of migrant organizing, state outreach, and circulating diaspora policies. I work to understand how states and migrants engage in projects of development and how the mobilization and circulation of diaspora policies re-shapes both the policies themselves and their influences on migrants’ engagements with their origin communities and governments. I engage these topics through analysis of the institutionalization and expansion of a particular diaspora policy, Mexico’s Programa Tres por Uno para Migrantes, or 3x1 Program for Migrants. The program engages migrants as development actors by offering matching funds to multiply the impact of collective remittances, which are group donations that migrant organizations make to sponsor community projects in their origin areas. I examine how the 3x1 Program is put into practice in both traditional and non-traditional contexts, how migrants engage with the state and their home communities, how state actors and policy structures influence migrants’ participation, and how the policy model itself has been transformed along the way.
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  • 2019
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