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Animation as Kinetic Art Public Deposited
  • Animation can be simply described as giving motion, or the appearance of motion, to normally static objects and kinetic is defined by Webster as "to move" or "resulting from motion." In an animated film a large number of normally static compositions are filmed frame by frame and the differences between them give the viewer the illusion of motion. In making an animation, unlike filming live action, the artist is in complete charge of the material and the movements portrayed. He chooses the images he wishes and combines them in compositions that are expressively effective. He can move his images according to laws he sets up to establish new relationships. He is not limited to recording the reality of the world around him but can illustrate his own internalized reality or dream world.


    For me however, film is a more personal medium than either traditional drawing or painting. I think that this is partly because of the unusual visual impact of the film medium. Film has all the potentialities of other media but also adds its own unique qualities. Color in a projected film is much richer than is possible in painting and film has the inherent property of motion. I feel that I have just begun to explore the potential of animated films as a medium for truly kinetic art.

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  • 1970-05-22
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