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The Effect of Temperature on Moisture Transfer in Concrete Public Deposited
  • Moisture transfer is a major concern for predicting the durability and serviceability of concrete. To predict moisture transfer in concrete, one should not only analyze the effect of moisture gradient, but also consider the effect of temperature gradient. This effect is called Soret effect. Moreover, depending on the experimental results, the value of coefficient was calculated and used to quantify the Soret effect.This thesis presents results of an experimental investigation of how the temperature gradient affects the moisture in concrete. The thesis includes two major parts. The first part introduces the background information as well as the theoretical review which includes theory definition and formula derivation. The second major part includes the development of the experimental setup, analysis of the results and formulation of the governing equation to characterize the moisture and temperature coupling effect. The investigational and numerical results in this section are used to validate assumptions made about how the temperature gradient affects the moisture transfer in concrete.
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  • 2014
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