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Queering Namibian Sport: An Oral History Public Deposited

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  • Namibia, Africa’s intersex, transgender, bisexual, gay, and lesbian community has faced countless personal and societal struggles. Nevertheless, despite the turmoil, they have collaborated as a population and persevered in various cultural arenas. When it comes to the institution of sport, community members face varied experiences influenced by gender identity and sexuality. Many strive to carve a place for themselves on the international and domestic stage. Through the lens of oral history, this dissertation is a theoretical metanalysis. It looks at the intersection of media, sport, gender, and sex, as well as how these intersections contribute to Namibians’ lived experiences. The interview is a public and performative event: a negotiation of the connection between collective memory and history. Considering the affective experience of the interview, I work to understand the social and cultural factors that impinge on the lives of LGBTI athletes and people in Namibia. In addition, I note the role of media and sports in the political life of Namibians. I engaged in two fieldwork visits — in 2017 and 2021 — and compiled more than 35 hours of interviews. My narrators are LGBTI activists, athletes, journalists, academics, businesspeople, and others who speak on media, gender, and sex in Namibia. I address these issues of sex and gender that are essential in Namibia sporting spaces, record the oral histories of Namibians, and theorize ways this data supports inclusive sporting spaces.
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  • 2022-07-09
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