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The Piano Works of Charles Tomlinson Griffes Public Deposited

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  • There was much variety in American piano music of the first half of the twentieth century. With the exception of the Jazz idiom largely practiced by George Gershwin (1898-1937) and the avant-garde style, introduced by Hemy Cowell (1897-1965), music from 1900-50 gains its influences from four main categories: the old Romantic tradition, the newer
    French manner (derived from Impressionism), the Neoclassical, and Serialism, which was pioneered by Arnold Schoenberg and his disciples, Anton Webem and Alban Berg. The music of Charles Tomlinson Griffes (1884-1920), particularly his piano music, represents a synthesis and integration of these disparate styles. In this paper, the author will demonstrate, through comparison and stylistic analysis, how Griffes' piano music achieves this end.

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  • 2004-09-13
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