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A Geographic Analysis of Cranberry Bog Distribution in Massachusetts Public Deposited

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  • Since the inception of the cranberry industry in the United States, Massachusetts has always been the country's leader in both acreage and production. Within Massachusetts, commercial cultivation of cranberries has traditionally been concentrated in the southeastern part of the state. Despite a past long-term decline in Massachusetts cranberry bog acreage, within recent years the acreage in parts of southeastern Masaachusetts has been expanding. An examination of the past distribution of commercial cranberry cultivation in Massachusetts helps to explain the present concentration of the industry in the southeastern section of the state.

    Library research provided a historical perspective of the Massachusetts cranberry industry. This information was supplemented with field research and interviews which aided in an understanding of the geographical distribution of commercial cultivation as it exists today.

    Although no single cultural or physical factor prohibits the growth of cranberries in any part of Massachusetts, it appears that favorable physical factors found in southeastern Massachusetts will continue to make this the state's most important cranberry region, both in terms of production and acreage. While yields will continue to increase due to technological developments, it seems unlikely that there will be a corresponding increase in acreage. Rather, farmers will probably concentrate their efforts on intensifying their present operations.

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  • 1967-07-20
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