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  • For big band First performances by the New York Youth Symphony Jazz in May 2021 and Interlochen Center for the Arts in July 2021.


    2 Alto saxophones/Flutes
    2 Tenor saxophones/Clarinets in Bb
    1 Baritone saxophone/Bass Clarinet in Bb
    4 Trumpets/Flugelhorns in Bb
    3 Trombones
    1 Bass trombone
    Electric Guitar
    Upright Bass

    Program Notes:
    “They’re very jazzlike, actually.” -naturalist Bernie Krause on whale calls

    Hvalsang is the Norwegian word for “Whale Song.” The piece compiles a variety of sounds produced by whales—calls from humpback, orca, fin, minke, and blue whales, sperm whale clicks, and whales splashing and playing above water. I compiled these whale sounds into a composite melody seasoned with an underwater soundscape. I also use the big band to depict the enormity of a whale’s size, with pounding rhythm section and aggressive low brass. These heavier moments combined with the intimate ethereal songs creative a picture of wonder and awe in the face of these huge, beautiful creatures.

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  • 2022
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