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Analyses and Comparison of Red Garland, Bill Evans, and Wynton Kelly Playing "Bye Bye Blackbird" in the Miles Davis Groups Public Deposited
  • By his sensational appearance in 1955 at the Newport Jazz Festival 1, Miles Davis, the great bandleader and jazz trumpeter, had become a hot commodity. He was a dominant influence on jazz for more than five decades. His strengths included gathering young talent, mentoring them, and providing an atmosphere where he and the members of his band could develop and create collectively. Red Garland, Bill Evans, and Wynton Kelly were influential pianists not only in the Miles Davis post-bop groups but also throughout the jazz world. Each of them had a unique style and approach to the interpretation of music. The superb alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley once compared the virtues of these three pianists, each of whom he had worked with in the Miles Davis groups:
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