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Open Chemistry Online - CHEM 1 Public Deposited

  • An Open Educational Resource (OER) that walks students through topics in first-year chemsitry. Accompanies the textbook OpenStax Chemistry 2e.

    Each module contains the following:

    Introduction file (learning objectives, uggested readings, figure captions)

    Instructional video with caption file


    Quiz Key

    Please download the modules individually or as an entire set! This OER is ideal for supplementing a first-year chemistry curriculum, either by an instructor or a student. For the most complete use of this OER, download the "Full OER" file and begin by reading the introduction of module 0.

Date Issued
  • 2022-02-09
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  • The creation of this work, “Open Chemistry Online” was supported by Open CU Boulder 2021-2022, a grant funded by the Colorado Department of Higher Education with additional support from the CU Office of the President, CU Office of Academic Affairs, CU Boulder Office of the Provost, and CU Boulder University Libraries.
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  • 2022-02-15
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