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CORE - A Contextual Reader Based on Linked Data Public Deposited
  • CORE is a contextual reader application intended to improve user close reading experience, particularly with regard to material in an unfamiliar domain. CORE works by utilizing Linked Data reference vocabularies and datasets to identify entities in any PDF file or web page. For each discovered entity, pertinent information such as short descriptions, pictures, or maps are sourced and presented on a mouse-over, to allow users to familiarize themselves with any unfamiliar concepts, places, etc. in the texts they are reading. If further information is needed, an entity can be clicked to open a full context pane, which supports deeper contextualization (also visually, e.g. by displaying interactive timelines or maps). Here, CORE also facilitates serendipitous discovery of further related knowledge, by being able to bring in and suggest related resources from various repositories. Clicking on any such resource loads it into the contextual reader for endless further browsing.
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  • 2016-07-01
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  • 11-16 July 2016
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