Cooling and Trapping of Atomic Strontium Public Deposited

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  • We present a detailed investigation of strontium magneto-optical trap (MOT) dynamics. Relevant physical quantities in the trap, such as temperature, atom number and density, and loss channels and lifetime, are explored with respect to various trap parameters. By studying the oscillatory response of a two-level ¹S₀–¹P₁ ⁸⁸Sr MOT, we firmly establish the laser cooling dynamics predicted by Doppler theory. Measurements of the MOT temperature, however, deviate severely from Doppler theory predictions, implying significant additional heating mechanisms. To explore the feasibility of attaining quantum degenerate alkaline-earth samples via evaporative cooling, we also present the first experimental demonstration of magnetically trapped metastable ⁸⁸Sr. Furthermore, motivated by the goal of establishing the fermionic isotope ⁸⁷Sr as one of the highest-quality, neutral-atom-based optical frequency standards, we present a preliminary study of sub-Doppler cooling in a ⁸⁷Sr MOT. A dual-isotope (⁸⁷Sr and ⁸⁸Sr) MOT is also demonstrated.
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  • 2003-05-01
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  • 5
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  • 20
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  • 10.1364/JOSAB.20.000968
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