Co-constructing Place, Space, and Race: African American and Latinx Participants and Researchers’ Representations of Digital Literacy Research in the South Public Deposited
  • In this paper, we examine the processes, struggles, and interactions that shape the coconstruction of digital literacy programs and research for African American and Latinx parents and children in the South. The guiding questions of this piece are: (1) What do African American and Latinx1 participants’ counter-stories tell us about place-space and raced literacies? and (2) How do we, as digital literacy researchers, negotiate and co-construct counter narratives in institutional spaces? We draw on analytic reflexivity tools (Anderson, 2006) to describe how our positionalities as researchers/practitioners of color collaborate with multiple stake-holders in the design and implementation of community and school-based digital media projects for African American and Latinx parents and students. Within these contested spaces are distinct binaries of social, political, historical, and cultural literacies that resound in our digital literacy research in communities where we (the researcher-practitioners) are often positioned as cultural insiders.
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  • 2016-10-01
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