Preserving and Cataloging the Charles F. Snow Photograph Collection Public Deposited
  • It is wonderful when a significant collection like the Snow Studio of Photography, which was in business for over 55 years, survives. What is even more amazing is that the information linking sitters with their images has also survived. The owner, Charles F. Snow (1886-1964), was a notable portrait photographer, earning accolades from around the nation and across the pond. Snow was known to push the artistic boundaries of photography within his business. Throughout his early career, Snow considered himself to be the informal photographer of the University of Colorado. Before his death, Snow sold the portion of his collection dealing with the University of Colorado Boulder to the Library. A few years after his death his son sold the business to Hans Hink. In 1972, and again later in 1984, Hink donated the rest of Snow’s negatives he had in his possession. Each donation has been handled differently by library staff. Therefore, the Charles Snow Photograph collection has had multiple organizational schemes imposed on it over the years.
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