The Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest US-NR1 AmeriFlux site – Part 1: Data acquisition and site record-keeping, 2016 Public Deposited
  • The Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest AmeriFluxsite (US-NR1) has been measuring eddy-covariance ecosystemfluxes of carbon dioxide, heat, and water vapor since1 November 1998. Throughout this 17-year period there havebeen changes to the instrumentation and improvements to thedata acquisition system. Here, in Part 1 of this three-part seriesof papers, we describe the hardware and software usedfor data-collection and metadata documentation. We madechanges to the data acquisition system that aimed to reducethe system complexity, increase redundancy, and be as independentas possible from any network outages. Changesto facilitate these improvements were (1) switching to aPC/104-based computer running the National Center for AtmosphericResearch (NCAR) In-Situ Data Acquisition Software(NIDAS) that saves the high-frequency data locally andover the network, and (2) time-tagging individual 10 Hz serialdata samples using network time protocol (NTP) coupledto a GPS-based clock, providing a network-independent, accuratetime base. Since making these improvements almost 2years ago, the successful capture of high-rate data has beenbetter than 99.98 %. We also provide philosophical conceptsthat shaped our design of the data system and are applicableto many different types of environmental data collection.
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