Digital Scholarship at University of Colorado Boulder: Campus Survey Results, 2018 Public Deposited
  • A team of CU Boulder librarians developed and distributed a campus survey in April 2018 in order to assess 1) current engagement in digital research methods and tools, 2) which digital research methods and tools CU researchers would like training in, 3) what types of resources they consider to be beneficial for undertaking digital scholarship, 4) what best practices they deem the most important for their research practices, and 5) what training formats they most prefer. In asking about these topics, the goals of the survey were threefold: 1) to gain updated information to a previous campus survey on Digital Humanities interests and needs (2013, Lindquist, et al.), 2) to identify areas of current engagement and gaps of knowledge in digital research methods and practices in order to improve library services and support, and 3) to better understand how researchers understand and employ digital scholarship to inform how to improve outreach, engagement, and communication can be improved between the University Libraries, CRDDS, and their users.

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  • 2018-01-01
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  • 2021-05-06
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