Modulation of Space: A Structural Esthetic Public Deposited
  • My present work is essentially an investigation of the two and three dimensional formations which can be constructed out of the combinations of the basic polygons. To facilitate this study I have designed and fabricated a system by which mass-produced polygons can be snapped together and assembled into modular structures. Although my interest is more in the actual assembly of the polygonal modules than in their production, I have expended much time in the design and manufacture phases of the work. Had I had the financial resources, I would have hired professionals to do most of these tasks. Lacking such resources, I executed much of the technical work myself. This involved my obtaining considerable consultation and advice from various technicians and engineers. This perhaps is an unusual aspect of my work, that it has entailed collaboration between myself and those in other fields. Also unusual, and of importance to me, is the fact that the direction of my work is limited and largely guided by the structural possibilities of a geometrical system. In this sense there has been a degree of interaction between the artistic approach and the mathematical approach. {Mathematicians have been traditionally the ones to study such geometries.) My primary concerns are with the structuring and definition of space, and with the process by which this is achieved. I feel the forms I construct, at their best, exist mathematically before my bringing them into physical being. I seek the processes that bring them into being with the minimum expenditure of energy.
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  • 1972-01-01
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