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  • During the seven years that I studied at National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU), an increasing number of piano students talked about their interests in chamber music and accompanying. Students are gradually becoming aware of the importance of collaborative piano, and are starting to consider being a collaborative piano major. This is because many vocal and instrumental teachers are attentive to the piano part during coachings. Furthermore, Taiwanese music students are proficient in two instruments and have previous ensemble experience before entering college. This ensemble experience can inspire them to pursue a specialized study in collaborative piano field. With the specialized music educational system in high school, music students already have a strong technical foundation when they enter college. Music departments offer complete curriculum and qualified faculties. It would be possible and beneficial to have a collaborative piano program at the undergraduate level. For those who may want to pursue collaborative piano as a career, the program will enable them to start learning about and exploring the field; however, it would also be possible for other pianists to participate in addition to their solo piano playing without continuity with further study. This paper will use NSYSU as a case study to examine the feasibility of establishing a collaborative piano certificate program at an undergraduate level, and how it could enable students to explore the collaborative piano field and expand their learning experiences. It will first introduce the current music educational system and the model school: NSYSU, and then present the proposed certificate program and its advantages. Finally, it will discuss student outcomes to see how the certificate program will help students in their career.
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  • 2015-01-01
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